Humanising your learning

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How much of the training conducted for your organisation would you class as innovative? Where would you say you and your workplace learning fits on the below “disruption spectrum”?

The Disruption Spectrum


Comfort Zone                                                                                                                  Innovation

Employees today, want cleverer technologies. They want relevance. They want less packaged solutions and more training which works with internal teams.

The world of technology has moved so fast in the last 10 years. And it is continuing to do so. Therefore, keeping up with this through humanised learning, gamification, and nuggets of on demand training alongside the traditional methods you may have in place, is crucial.


Learning Trends:

  • Micro Learning Assets
  • Gamification – learner becomes a player
  • Campaign based learning
  • On Demand Modules

Learning should be:


From a credible expert





We must remember that infamous 70:20:10 rule. Learners learn most by doing. Hands on training is vital in this day and age of decreasing attention spans. Something simple which can be done within the workplace or away from, in bitesize nuggets, and will surprise and entertain the learner.

These, alongside the necessary classroom learning, will ensure your training fits with the evolving human being.

We’d love to hear of ways you’ve humanised your learning. What simple, innovative methods have you implemented which have created impact within your company or team?

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    I work with over 100 CLO’s a year and this could be something worth sharing to them with a good BD strategy to back it. PM Me.


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